As the Head of Design at MOO, I serve as a brand guardian and leader of an award-winning team of designers, artworkers, photographers, videographers, animators and freelancers. Working with key stakeholders, I drive creative strategy and oversee work across all channels (print, digital marketing, email, direct mail, events, and social channels) to deliver work that is smart, efficient and continuously meets marketing targets — delivering new customers and contributing to company profits



As a partner in crime to MOO's CRM team, I have led the charge on redefining the creative assets that support our Sale messaging. I worked with key stakeholders and designers to ensure that Sale messaging is present and consistent throughout the site experience and then developed a series of assets that are consistent, flexible, easily updated and high performing. These shifts resulted in a more recognizable identity for MOO sales, an increase in traffic throughout the site and a lighter lift from the creative team.


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