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It takes two. We helped tie the knot tighter with Target’s wedding registry experience. Like all good weddings, it takes two, which is why we created an idea around the unique style of Target paired with engaged couples coming together and expressing their individuality — Be Yourself Together.

We leveraged this year-long campaign through print, a digital catalog, email, in-store, direct mail, display, paid and organic social. 

Role: Art Director. Work completed while at Spring Studios.


We collaborated with a content strategist to develop an overall campaign strategy to keep our happy couples engaged with the program throughout their engagement. They were initiated with a welcome email and direct mail kit offering clear instructions, special offers and a variety of ways to share registry information with friends and family. Throughout the journey, customers received a series of emails and a printed pieces highlighting products, advice from trend setters, DIY inspiration and longer form content. On the big day, a celebratory discount offer was sent to help complete the registration.


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