In designing a new website for MIT's Division of Student Life, the goal was to develop a site that would both replace and serve home to content for the various department/club/organization websites that fall under the umbrella of Division of Student Life. Working hand-in-hand with UX and content strategy partners, we developed a website that brought the content of 50+ websites together under one url. Developed required the reorganization of content from hundreds of individual websites that had been developed over the years. from the start to ensure that the concept and design spoke directly to the architecture of the site


Role: Art Director. Creative Direction by Kieran McCabe.Work completed while at Primacy.


We started with a simple framework, wireframing layouts out each of the key sections of the site. We then integrated content, a vibrant color palette and introduced UI details to bring the designs to life. 



Audience Selector

Selecting an audience type refreshes the content modules below to be specific to that audience. 


Content Modules

These modules are refreshed based on audience selector. Default view content modules includes a feature story selected for the homepage. Flexible content modules allowing for the promotion any given topics/department/story. 


Dates & Deadlines Feed
The next four deadlines are fed into the homepage. Users can select what month they would like to view by the dropdown.


The result was a slick, content rich website that effectively communicates to the MIT community through the use of bold typography, engaging imagery and interactive video. We developed a set of flexible page templates that addressed a variety of content and supplied detailed design kits to ensure a smooth handover to MIT. 

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