As Senior Designer for Parsons School of Design, I was tasked with re-examining the viewbooks, a collaboration that spanned multiple departments from admissions to the deans office. The goal was to create a cost effective solution that offered greater flexibility and ability to adjust to the ever growing and changing aspects of the school's offerings. The result was a modular system that was designed to highlight student work, provide overviews of each program and key facts about the school.

Role: Senior Graphic Designer. Creative Direction: Isa Gouverneur.

Photo by Martin Seck

Photo by Martin Seck


Photo by Martin Seck

Photo by Martin Seck


We developed a folder and modular suite of materials for the Undergraduate, Graduate and AAS programs. Inserts for each program and information about the Parson's Community, Financial Aid and Application Requirements were included in each folder. Bold type facilitates easy identification of pieces, and a system of full-bleed, wraparound cover photos unifies the suite with colorful, high-impact visuals that stand out when displayed at college fairs and other promotional events


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